Trak-iT Asset Tracking System

  • Trak-it Asset Tracking able to maintian accurate record, eliminate tedious process
         and easy tracking of asset.

  • It is user friendly, simple to use and yet, it has sophisticated capabilities. Perfect
         software where you need the flexibility and freedom.

  • Trak-iT Asset Tracking System Features

  • Password security which only authorized personnel can access

  • Self-definable asset category for auto generation of asset number

  • Complete details on asset assignments by departments and locations

  • Track model and serial numbers

  • Purchasing information, vendors details, warranty and maintenance date of each item

  • Capture disposal of assets

  • Audit User Activities

  • Generate bar code on waterproof and scratch proof labels for Asset items and locations

  • Track outstanding loans

  • Interface with batch portable barcode scanners for physical asset auditing with online verification

  • Scan in all assets by department, location, asset owner or category through the batch portable
         barcode scanners at your choice.

  • Discrepancy report

  • Assets list with criteria selection

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