Visitor Management System

Protect & Manage your visitors data.
  • Trak It VMS helps you handle everything that comes through your
         front door and bring visitors registration to a new level.

  • Easy Check-In/ Out

    The system accepts partial NRIC or mobile number as an identification. If it already
         exists in database, it will retrieve visitor’s information automatically.

    VMS Dashboard

    The VMS dashboard allows your company to view the total number of people on-site, base on the visitors and employees on site. Organisation layout plan are available to view on the dashboard as well.

    Print Badge

    Badge layout will be customized and printed to card or label or paper printer.

    System Security

    This software offers password security which only authorized personnel can access through.

    History Listing/Reports

    The system allows users to search/filter the history information of visitors by pending logout, visitor’s name, host’s name, partial NRIC, date in and type of visitor.

    Visitor Management System Flow

    The system enables easy check-in/out as a visitor, and it allows your organization to manage your visitors and customize base on your needs.

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