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Good health is all about making the right choices. We choose the exercise we do, the food we eat, the time we dedicate to clearing the mind. But when we are indoors, there’s something vital to our health that we don’t get to choose – the air we breathe.

The Problem with Indoor Air

Dirty Air

Dust, pollen, allergens and irritants. Air that is dirty is air filled with foreign particulates, ready to cause respiratory issues, exacerbate allergies and pose serious health risks for those with existing conditions.
Toxic Air

Urban life means higher exposure than ever to airborne pathogenic gases, smoke and VOCs. From exhaust fumes to toxic paints, cleaning products and industrial emissions, toxic air can have a major impact on mental health.**
Sick Air

Viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi spread illness, disease and respiratory dysfunction of all kinds. Cross contamination in public spaces is a constant threat, made all the more clear by global pandemics and national lockdowns.
Fresh air, no matter where.

We’re spending more and more of our time inside. But instead of being safer from pollutants, we’re more exposed than ever – indoor air is on average 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside.* And despite greater awareness of airborne diseases, we continue to share contaminated air in public spaces.

We need to embrace clean air technology, and bring fresh air back inside.

VIRUSKILLER™ is The World's Highest Certified Clean Air Technology

SINGLE AIR PASS - Kills 99.9999% virus and bacteria in a Single Air Exchange.
AIR STERILISATION - All pathogens and harmful airborne microorganisms are neutralised.
CONTROLLED AIRFLOW - Create a laminar airflow to take contaminated air away.
VIRUSKILLER™ COVID-19 Air Decontamination Results FEATURED TEST:
Tests conducted on Radic8’s VK 401 found that VIRUSKILLER™ technology was effective in deactivating COVID-19, as well as other respiratory pathogens.

Radic8 destroys the widest range of airborne pollutants including bacteria, viruses and VOCs.
Radic8 - Hextio (Personal usage) Radic8 - VK401
Radic8 - VK102

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