Industrial Card Printer/Encoder

Rugged, industrial-class, high-volume card printing.
  • The new FARGO® HDP8500 Industrial Card Printer/Encoder, HID Global delivers
         the most reliable, high duty performance ID card printer in the industry.

  • It is designed to work with the most durable consumables, ensuring long-life card
         provision for small and large government ID programs.

  • It uses HDP technology to print a dye-sublimation image onto an intermediate
         transfer film that is retransferred to the card surface.

  • HID® Fargo® HDP8500 Specification

    HID® Fargo® HDP8500 Features
  • Multi-processing capability: encode/print/laminate simultaneously

  • Dual locking input hoppers with 400-card total capacity

  • 3.5-inch graphical touch-screen display with PIN access

  • 3-year full warranty and lifetime printhead warranty

  • Print protection with durable HDP consumables

  • Physical hardware locks

  • Airflow and filtration system: dense air filter, high-flow fans, door dust seals and internal
         temperature sensor

  • Multiple in-line card cleaning stations

  • Resin-erase, data protection feature

  • Multiple field upgradable printer options

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