Zebra MC3330R

Integrated UHF RFID Handheld Reader

Best-In-Class RFID Read Performance With A Powerful Android Platform
  • The MC3330R RFID handheld reader brings a new level of comfort, speed, ease of
         use and accuracy to your RFID applications.

  • Superior RFID read performance and receiver sensitivity enable lightning fast and
         accurate capture of even the most challenging RFID tags.

  • The MC3330R is built for maximum uptime, yet is lightweight with the right
         ergonomics for all-day comfort.

  • Zebra MC3330R Specification

    Zebra MC3330R Features
  • Rugged and ready for all-day use

  • Extraordinary RFID performance — flexible, fast and accurate

  • Superior sensitivity for greater accuracy

  • Integrated enterprise-class 1D/2D barcode scanning

  • Simplify application development with a common platform

  • Simplify full-fleet rollouts with EMDK and RFID SDK for Xamarin

  • Easy-to-use locating technology

  • Automatically capture data on labels and forms

  • Extended battery life

  • Lightweight and streamlined design

  • Unparalleled computing power

  • Backwards accessory compatibility

  • The perfect combination: large touchscreen and keypad

  • Easily transition to Android and modern touch interfaces

  • Three physical keypad options

  • Feedback for any environment

  • The ultimate in support and device management options

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